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Amateurs care about equipment.

Pros care about money.

Masters care about light. 

This is an old maxim that I kept with me through my growth as a photographer, and it's a good north star. It's a good way of thinking to keep me focused on what is important and good about photography. Of course there's more than light to consider. There's composition, angle, range, contrast, symmetry, focus, blur, tension, balance, scale, texture, shape, color...all expressed in light.

As a real estate photographer, I've found a new emphasis on space in my work. Capturing and communicating what is inviting about a space, and our human relation to the volume around us, is what can describe a home. Walls are limits, but space is possibility. Walls are protection and space is freedom, and I see a home as our compromise between the two. I use all of that, everything I've learned and everything I continue to learn, to express the value of a home.

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