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Call or text 201-396-5359 to book your photoshoot.

1. Choose the number of photos you want:

$250. 24-photo house shoot including aerial

$350. 36-photo house shoot including aerial

24Photos copy.jpg

Usually 2 to 2-1/2 hours on-site.

36Photos copy.jpg

Shoots are discounted $50 when aerial work is impossible or not needed.* Photos are provided electronically within 24 hours. You'll receive 3000x2000 pixel jpegs, color balanced and optimized.

*Drone photos are impossible in rain, temperatures below 0° F, winds above 20 mph, or when the President flies into Morristown Airport.

Usually 3 to 3-1/2 hours on-site.

Mention you'll be taking this option when scheduling. Property must be listed immediately on MLS for this offer.

If cash flow is an issue, I will take a chance with you, and defer photo payment until closing,
and forgive payment if you never close, for 50% more: 24 photos - $375, 36 photos - $525.

2. Choose à la carte add-on items:

+$75. Floorplan

+$150. Framed 16x20 closing gift

Solid wood framed art print of the house. 
Requries 7-day lead time.

+$50. One-Room video teaser + your indicia

The most inviting room in your listing, shot in a slow pan on-site during your photoshoot. Your indicia added on the end as shown. :15 seconds.
Rights-managed music appropriate to the house style.
I can create your indicia from your photo and info at no additional charge.

+$75. Two-Room video teaser + your indicia

Two rooms shown in the same style, together on one video still held to :15. Same music or music cut from another section of the same song.

+$100. Three-Room video teaser + your indicia

Three rooms presented in a natural flow and gentle movement for :20.


You can have all 3 separate files, 1, 2 and 3 rooms, for a nicely unfolding series of soc-med posts for +$200.

+$75. Aerial quick hit + your indicia

+$25. Still video of the house

A graceful and affordable way to stand out to new listing clients: the house, flying, music, you. :15.


A surprisingly effective little item. :30 video of a still house can be very engaging, stops user scrolling and encourages a thoughtful pause—about your listing.

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